Product Review: e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner

I love e.l.f cosmetics and I am so happy when I get to get my hands on one of their products. That’s why when I was at Target a few days back I just had to pick up some of thier Professional Studio line products. I will be doing a haul post shortly.Today I am reviewing one of e.l.f. cosmetics highly touted Cream Eyeliners. This eyeliner is a permanent product in the Professional Studio line and it comes in 11 shades.

    The shades it comes in are:
  • Black
  • Plum Purple
  • Midnight
  • Metallic Olive
  • Coffee
  • Gunmetal
  • Teal Tease
  • Golden
  • Punk Purple
  • Ivory
  • Copper
  • I will be reviewing the Black shade today. It comes in a square-shaped clear jar with a black screw on lid. The brush that is included is pretty awesome (because we all know the applicators that are usually included are not too hot and usually end up having to use your own brushes). Ladies (and gents), I just want you to know that this is definetly one of my holy grail products and it is worth more than the measly 3 buck price tag. When I first put this on, I was very impressed with the pigmentation and the ease of application.

    Here is a picture of the one that I have:

    ELF Cream eyeliner (Black)

    And here are pictures of the other shades:


    Now on to the pros and cons


    Very pigmented

    Long Wearing


    Easy to apply



    This eyeliner is worth your money so go out and pick some up today.

    Happy primping, dolls!


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