Hey Everyone

Hello my name is Jacqueline, and this is my blog dedicated to my love of cosmetics. I’m not just going to be talking about makeup here,I’m going to talk about beauty products too. I love all classes of products, however my main focus is going to be on the low price products because I am a poor beauty addict and I cannot afford high price products. Notice I did not say high end=high quality, beacuse there are some low price products that are either on par or exceeds high price products in terms of quality, color, and design. Now for all you fellow beauty addicts who love to see high price products they will be featured on my lust list, because even though I love a good bargain I have high end product cravings too. I will do reviews, swatches, and when I do a haul I will feature that too. I hope that my blog will be helpful and informative. Happy primping, beauty lovers.


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