Amuse Pink & Gold Lipstick

Amuse Pink & Gold lipstick in rose pink

I heard a lot of good things about this cosmetic line’s eyeshadows, so I went over to to check out their selection. But as soon as I started looking around (very good selection, by the way), these lipsticks caught my eye. Just look at the classy, high end look packaging. These lipsticks have some of the most pretty packaging I have ever seen. But OMG the shades, they are so pretty. This lipstick is featured in 11 shades over there (Amuse might make more shades than what they have on cherry culture, but I don’t know for sure). Here are the shade names and descriptions below:

Rose Pink (a prettywarm rose pink, the shade of lipstick shown above)

Doll Pink (a pretty cool rose pink)

Soft Baby Pink(just as the name says)

Soft Orange Red(ditto)

Hot Red (a kinda warm dark red)

Tea Rose ( a beige-rose color)

Beige (a gold flecked beige)

Pink (just as the name says)

Love (an black cherry color)

Love 12 (a pretty pearl orange with gold shimmer)

Hot Pink (more like a dark rose color to me)

If I described the colors wrong, please bear with me because I am judging the colors from the website. The colors might actually be more true to  their names in natural light. The best thing about these lipsticks is the price: a whopping $2. Yeah thats right, 2 dollars. I have a fear about shopping online, but I will definetly break it to get a hold of these lipsticks. Definetly a pretty product for your vanity dresser or train case. I just hope the colors look as good on me as they do in the tube.  Well that’s the end of this lust list entry. Happy primping, beauty lovers.

End note: BTW the line’s name is pronounced am-myu-se.


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